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This is one of the most important zones in PGH. Information and news will posted here on a regular basis so check back often. Every month there will be a downloadable compilation of music in the power pop world.


Here’s where PGH brings back-stage, velvet rope and insider access to major projects going on in the power pop world and our own special programs, too. Works In Progress will bring you into the creative arc of a project – many times from the beginning to the end, other times we’ll join projects as they [...]


PGH has partnered up with some of the most talented journalists and writers in power pop to bring members essays, feature-length articles and extended serialized explorations into arcane, unusual but always interesting subject matter that only power pop geeks would understand. PGH will deliver 6-10 exclusive articles each month, many months you’ll see more.


A few times a week, PGH will bring you exclusive interviews with new artists, past legends & other thought leaders in music. These interviews will be available on the site to read, as downloadable PDFs that you can print out and read later, as well as downloadable MP3s that you transfer to your favorite portable [...]


We all have lingering questions and curiosities that can’t be satisfied. Our panel of experts will take your questions and attempt to find the answers. Some may require research, others will be answerable on the spot. Members can submit their questions via email but every 4-6 weeks, we’ll host a special webinar where we all [...]


Something totally different – and cool! These are enlightening lessons on the sub-genres in ‘power pop’ – an interactive learning and music enjoyment experience! Each month, PGH will roll out a new class that explore in depth the intricacies, nuances and unknown stories connected to areas of interest to Pop Pioneers and fellow pop geeks [...]

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IPO Interview – Hawk Bjorn

PGH is all about helping artists highlight their most recent projects, so let us all know what your latest project is – and tell us about how it come into the world. What has the initial feedback on it been like? “Life Insurance” is a collection of personal songs about life, about family and about [...]



BLOODY RED BARON – March Reviews


BLOODY RED BARON March reviews by Mike Baron THE PINECONES: Ooh! (Reel Cod) Paul Linklater’s Toronto-based trio makes incandescent, luminous psychedelic rock that draws on the Yardbirds, the Hollies, the Beatles, the whole power pop panoply, sounding instantly familiar yet refreshingly new.  Ooh! detonates like a thermonuclear bomb at the corner of Sunset and Vine and doesn’t let up, [...]


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JANGLE ON!  APRIL by Eric Sorsensen Fresh jangly music has not been able to keep up with the surprisingly resilient winter weather in the mid-Atlantic.  Hence, this month’s column will address several “old friends” as well as some new discs and tunes.  Jangly music enthusiasts should check out:              In the new category is Dream [...]


LOST TREASURES   BARRY GIBB The Kid’s No Good By Peter Marston Though the Bee Gees’ mid- and late-60s work is generally held in very high esteem by pop and psych-pop aficionados, the band’s history is not nearly as well-known as that of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, or even Badfinger or Big Star. It’s [...]

LOST TREASURES – Kaleidoscope (UK)

LOST TREASURES   Kaleidoscope (UK) White Faced Lady By Peter Marston On Saturday, April 20, 2013, I was fortunate enough to see the great English psych-pop band Kaleidoscope play live at the Satellite, a small club in Los Angeles. I was, in fact, no further than ten feet away from lead singer Peter Daltrey. I [...]


Works In Progress

The Shazam’s “Godspeed The Shazam” – The Ultimate Reissue!

I was the owner of Not Lame Recordings from 1994-2010. The label released almost 100 CDs, no small accomplishment for one man. In retrospect, it was insanity. There are many [...]

The 1998 Power Pop Classic – Re-Mastered, Re-Issued and Re-Evaluated In A 2 CD Definitive Package!

In 1998, one of the power pop’s genres most heralded releases came out on the Not Lame Recordings label. It was called “Life On Planet Eartsnop”.  It was an immediate [...]

A New Book That Will Probe The Drive Of Today’s Power Pop’s Most Talented Artists!

Most book projects in the entertainment world tend to promote the most popular and successful artists – the ones who sell millions of records.  Few have ever wanted to cover [...]

A One-Of-A-Kind Book Project Featuring, Highlighting The Sophisticated Good Taste And Music Collections Of YOU!

I have this idea.  I think it’s a good one. A really good one. Here it is: What would it like to have a peak inside the music collections of [...]