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Introducing: POP GEEK HEAVEN


Find more time to enjoy loving music, save time & money knowing you have a team of trusted music advisors looking for ‘the good stuff’ and relax knowing you have one place that collects and organizes all the right information for the passionate power pop fan, like you…




All Right – here’s my buddy, Professor Puppet to tell you a bit more about what’s going on here in 1:20 seconds:





Now, Professor Puppet is funny ‘n all but the reason why Pop Geek Heaven exists is a pretty important issue for music fans like you and me. There are a lot of struggles that music fans and artists are battling against these days.



Let’s take a very quick look at some of them…

Wall LPs

FOR MUSIC FANS:Some of the problems ‘serious’ power pop fans like us face are:

    • We’re uncertain what sites & resources have the right information for our unique music tastes


  • There’s an over-abundance of too many choices and so much information assaulting us at every turn when all we want is to simply know what’s good – and what’s not




    • Power Pop fans are having a hard time being blown away by so much of what we are hearing because we’re spending so much time going through sub-mediocre crap that it has diminished much of our ability to enjoy what is really good


  • We’re just plain tired of being under-whelmed from being so over-whelmed



  • Pop Geeks miss the divine experience of going into a record store, coming across happenstance surprises and bumping into other music fanatics in search for the next mini-experience of ‘awesome’



  • Music fans are stressed & stretched with so many demands in all areas of our lives that we have little time left to relax and enjoy what already own – let alone anything new that we may discover



Guitar amp

FOR ARTISTS/BANDS: So what are some of the problems that power pop artists and bands are coming up against?

    • With so many more releases coming out every day – most of them totally sucking – it has become incredibly difficult for artist to get their message to YOU, the music fan, about their new projects! No place exists for power pop artists that can broadcast the message about their new projects


  • Music fans have become so overwhelmed with so many new entertainment options that compete for our limited time and energies that it’s become difficult for artists to find ways to grab our attention and check out the fruits of their labors



  • Question to fellow music fans: are you buying as much music as you did back in 2006? How about compared to 2001? That is a problem for all artists – the fact that they still have to invest thousands of dollars into instruments, studio time, pressing CDs, promotion, etc. is… well, let’s just say that the costs connected to the creation of music have not gone away in the era of ‘free music’



  • Artists know this – music fans, too: There’s so much great music being made but the problem is ‘how’ to find the best of what’s going and ‘where’ to discover it all





Okay, back to you, my fellow power pop geek. Take a look at this below. Question: do you feel like this when you go online and try to find out what’s going on and what new music you should be paying attention to?


PGH You Chart


Whoa, baby, whoa! That's a whole lot of... well a LOT!


Yeah, there’s a lot pushing at us, isn’t there? It’s overwhelming and kind of a drag.


So here’s where this is all going. I want to present to you, to all of us, a stab at a solution…and give you a BIG PROMISE, as well.


Check this out:

PGH Dashboard



Designed Exclusively For Power Pop Fans --- Here's What You Get...for FREE!


This is what you’ll enjoy and experience when you become a Pop Pioneer at PGH:

    • 20+ new & unreleased songs each month


  • Exclusive feature articles, reviews & artist profiles



  • Exclusive interviews and interactive analysis of what’s happening



  • Backstage/VIP access & inside scoop on buzz projects



  • Buying guides, tips & a monthly newsletter



  • Connect & share with other pop geeks from all over the world



  • and a whole lot more…really.







Here’s why all this is important for music fans like us:

    • We need to get right information so we can gain control over all the all the mountains of choices


  • Having a one trusted destination and solution saves us time – and that means more opportunities to enjoy what we love



  • Wouldn’t it be great to renew & re-ignite old passions and breathe new life into our life-long music obsessions? Thought so.



  • A better, easy-to-use format brings us a more exciting, engaging online experience



  • The opportunity know that we are pioneers in creating a solution for overwhelmed music fans





Here’s a sad fact: The internet has been around now for over 15 years and, until now, not one company has bothered to create site for power pop fans to do even a fraction of all this!


What’s that BIG PROMISE?


When you join Pop Geek Heaven and become a charter ‘Pop Pioneer’ member (Free!), you’ll find more time more time to enjoy being a veteran music fan and have a more interesting, intense music loving experience.


How? By letting Pop Geek Heaven do the heavy work and locate and filter to you only the most relevant information and new music that is worth your time inside a format that is easy to use, a joy to use as a discovery resource and system that saves you from the hassle of going from site-to-site.


What exactly is a “Pop Pioneer”? Well, it’s being part of something that working towards…a solution. Moving towards something better than what we have now. It’s about being on the inside – and at the beginning. And being part of something from the ground up – and helping to create something that matters.


You see, it’s about having a system of organizing all the choices and a framework to better enjoy the most important, relevant music available. Doing all that is hard, time intensive work – and the results come up short many times when we we play ‘blind archery’ with where the right places to visit are and which bands really make the quality cut.


As a member of Pop Geek Heaven, you have The Dashboard (that I showed you above). The members It is your discovery navigation tool that takes care of much of the struggle with this dilemma.



A few words for you:




“The 5 C’s”- and they are my mission with Pop Geek Heaven.


Think about it. Wouldn’t it be pretty darn cool to have an advisor and knowledgeable friend to do a lot of the difficult work to create this kind of unique experience and informative framework for serious power pop fans?

Hello Music

Pop Geek Heaven…does that – and more.


Like Professor Puppet said above, Pop Geek Heaven is like your own Personal Music Concierge. That’s pretty cool – getting someone else to do all the hard ‘n dirty work for you, right?


Now, if you are one of those cynical types, who thinks they’ve seen it all, knows everything already and your perfectly happy – well, being a Pop Pioneer at Pop Geek Heaven isn’t for you.


Move along and have a nice day.


For the rest of us? I think it would be pretty nice to know where to find the good stuff, what sites have the right information and re-kindle some of the excitement that our large music collections and passions deserve!


Here’s a proclamation: The solution for what is troubling the music industry means nothing to us – the music fans who are still interested, passionate and still buying music. What matters is our experience of being engaged music geeks who deserve and are looking for something more…


AND what’s really cool…. it’s all FREE.



Sooo...Are You Ready? You can have Backstage Access to everything at PGH -- INSTANTLY!




You see, Pop Geek Heaven is an evolutionary platform and what you see today is a beta version. Version 1.0. It’s ‘Step Number One’.  A baby step – but in the right direction.


Check this out


Here Is The Deal: I’m just one person, one power pop geek doing all this so, if you join, I have a request:


I need your input, help, encouragement and guidance to get this all to kick some serious butt. When you become a Pop Pioneer at Pop Geek Heaven, I’ll be asking you to tell me what’s cool at Pop Geek Heaven and what’s not – what’s working, what’s not – and asking you what you would like to see more of as well looking the possibility of implementing any ideas you may have.


So if you are up for that…. you’re IN! You have shown amazing great taste in your music passions because you are reading this now, that tells me you ‘get’ what Pop Geek Heaven is trying to accomplish.


You see, this all isn’t about any one person – it’s about all of us. We’re a tribe of Power Pop Geeks, serious music fans and artists coming up with some kind of solution that is going inform us with the right information and bring us together to enjoy our passion for digging music with some more intensity and whole lot more of awesomeness.


Peace ‘n (good) Pop,

Bruce Brodeen

Bruce Brodeen


“Head Pop Geek”,



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