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Posted on 21 December 2016

THE EIGHTH DAY “On the Eighth Day“ One of the most interesting phenomena in pop geekdom was the renaissance of sunshine pop in the 1990s. After its original heyday in the late ’60s, sunshine pop went into a near total eclipse. There were always bands doing Beatle-inspired pop, power pop, even baroque pop, but for about […]


Posted on 12 December 2016

THE DILLARDS “Wheatstraw Suite” Well, I don’t want to embarrass myself, but the truth is that my first exposure to country-rock was through The Monkees TV sitcom. “Papa Gene’s Blues” and “What Am I Doing Hangin’ ’Round?” were among my favorite Monkees songs and when Nesmith went on to form The First National Band, those […]


Posted on 19 November 2016

APRIL MARCH “Triggers” One of the last niches that I discovered in my circumnavigation of the pop world was yé-yé. I discovered it quite by chance, really. I heard Sheila’s “Les Rois Mages” in the soundtrack of the 1997 film Ma Vie en Rose, hung around for the music credits, made a note of the […]


Posted on 04 November 2016

ZAL YANOVSKY “Alive and Well in Argentina”   The Beatles were often compared to the Marx Brothers, especially after the release of their first feature film, A Hard Day’s Night. And while I don’t think the comparison is without merit, the closest thing to a Marx Brother in rock ’n’ roll, in my opinion, was […]

LOST TREASURES – Picadilly Line

Posted on 19 October 2016

PICADILLY LANE “The Huge World of Emily Small”   Last week, my son and I went to see Donovan on the Sunshine Superman 50th Anniversary Tour. For me, it was a bit of a pilgrimage—Donovan was one of my favorite pop stars of the Summer of Love, yet I had never gotten around to seeing […]

LOST TREASURES – The Heavy Circles

Posted on 10 October 2016

THE HEAVY CIRCLES “The Heavy Circles”   One of my very favorite records of the last ten years or so is Harper Simon’s self-titled debut album, released in 2009. Sparking folk-rock with some lovely baroque pop touches, it still gets frequent spins on my stereo. A conversation with one of the owners of a local […]


Posted on 23 September 2016

LARRY NORMAN “Upon This Rock” Geeky pop fans can argue interminably about what was the first rock ’n’ roll record: was it Jackie Brenston’s “Rocket 88,” Goree Carter’s “Rock Awhile,” Wynonie Harris’ “Good Rockin’ Tonight” or one of any number of other contenders? Similar arguments can be had about the first punk record, the first […]


Posted on 12 September 2016

NEAL HEFTI/The Wild Ones “Lord Love a Duck” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack By Peter Marston If pop fans are familiar with Neal Hefti, it is almost always because he is the composer of the iconic theme from the Batman television show (recorded first by Nelson Riddle with The Ron Hickland Singers and then covered by […]


Posted on 18 August 2016

EDGE “Edge” Many, many bands privately press singles, EPs and albums to be sold at shows, on-line or, in previous generations, by mail order. Such albums are, by their nature, destined to become rarities and, if the band meets with later success, often highly collectible and occasionally even a “holy grail.” But in all my years […]

JANGLE ON – August

Posted on 12 August 2016

JANGLE ON! AUGUST by Eric Sorsensen The summer heat has kept me indoors more than usual for the past two months; the silver lining in this situation is that I have had more time to enjoy the latest in power pop and jangle pop CDs and song.  As summer nears its end, I look forward […]