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Posted on 20 August 2014

LOST TREASURES SMALL WONDER “Small Wonder” By Peter Marston In 1976, I entered Occidental College as a freshman and quickly found a few fellow music fans in my dormitory. One afternoon, four of us drove to a local used record store and explored the goods. As we were getting ready to head to the cash [...]


Posted on 06 August 2014

LOST TREASURES FOCAL POINT “First Bite of the Apple” By Peter Marston   Focal Point’s star shone brightly, but briefly—very briefly, in fact. Liverpool songwriters Paul Tennant and Dave Rhodes were one of the very first artists signed to the Beatles’ first venture in corporate diversification, Apple Publishing. After a chance meeting with Paul McCartney, [...]


Posted on 23 July 2014

LOST TREASURES VELVET ELVIS “Velvet Elvis” By Peter Marston     Ask your average music fan to list some of the important music scenes in the history of rock ’n’ roll and the answer will undoubtedly include, in roughly chronological order, Memphis, Liverpool, San Francisco, Detroit, New York and Seattle. More knowledgeable fans might add [...]

LOST TREASURES – Loving Awareness

Posted on 17 June 2014

LOST TREASURES LOVING AWARENESS “Loving Awareness” By Peter Marston   Concept albums nearly always have the same origins. A band struggles to establish themselves with successful singles and albums, and then at some point tackle something more ambitious, usually behind the vision of the principle songwriter in the band. Oh, there are a few exceptions, [...]


Posted on 13 June 2014

LOST TREASURES LOS WALKERS “Walking Up With Los Walkers” By Peter Marston Los Walkers were a ’60s Argentinian pop band heavily influenced by the British beat and American garage scenes. After two albums that mixed a handful of originals and a host of covers (including “Gloria,” “The Letter,” “Tobacco Road” and even Bobby Goldsboro’s “Honey”), [...]


Posted on 20 May 2014

LOST TREASURES Alzo & Undine “C’mon and Join Us”   By Peter Marston To say Alzo and Udine are little-known is no doubt an understatement. I have, indeed, never met anyone who owns their sole album, released in 1969, other than myself. As a guy who circulates among some pretty serious record collectors that’s saying [...]


Posted on 01 May 2014

LOST TREASURES   MIKE D’ABO d’Abo By Peter Marston Many pop fans may not know the name Mike d’Abo, but most will be familiar with at least some of his creative work. He was the singer in Manfred Mann after the departure of Paul Jones and is featured on some pretty big hits, “The Might [...]

LOST TREASURES – Milkwood (Ric Ocasek)

Posted on 18 April 2014

LOST TREASURES   MILKWOOD How’s The Weather By Peter Marston Here’s an entry from the Before They Were Famous file—well, maybe, before before before they were famous. Before Ric Ocasek and Ben Orr recorded what remains one of the greatest debut albums of all time with the Cars, they were in a band called Cap’n [...]


Posted on 07 April 2014

LOST TREASURES   BARRY GIBB The Kid’s No Good By Peter Marston Though the Bee Gees’ mid- and late-60s work is generally held in very high esteem by pop and psych-pop aficionados, the band’s history is not nearly as well-known as that of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, or even Badfinger or Big Star. It’s [...]

LOST TREASURES – Kaleidoscope (UK)

Posted on 28 March 2014

LOST TREASURES   Kaleidoscope (UK) White Faced Lady By Peter Marston On Saturday, April 20, 2013, I was fortunate enough to see the great English psych-pop band Kaleidoscope play live at the Satellite, a small club in Los Angeles. I was, in fact, no further than ten feet away from lead singer Peter Daltrey. I [...]