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LOST TREASURES – The Kitchen Cinq

Posted on 09 May 2015

LOST TREASURES THE KITCHEN CINQ “Everything But…” By Peter Marston The Kitchen Cinq undoubtedly have one of the best “bad pun” names in rock ’n’ roll. A five piece garage/pop band from Texas, their name plays off the French word for five “cinq,” which of course is pronounced approximately the same as “sink.” The title of […]


Posted on 08 May 2015

LOST TREASURES THE WAVES “Shock Horror!” By Peter Marston Most power pop bands start out a little rough and polish off the edges as they develop their sound and as their producers become more committed to scoring a big hit single. Often when they do, they cease to be power pop bands at all. Such […]

LOST TREASURES – Barry Booth – Diversions!

Posted on 07 May 2015

LOST TREASURES BARRY BOOTH “Diversions!” By Peter Marston Barry Booth is a most unlikely artist to have recorded one of the great lost chamber pop albums of the ’60s. When the album, Diversions!, was released in 1968, he was already thirty years old and had never recorded an album or even a single as an […]

LOST TREASURES – Cherry Vanilla

Posted on 06 May 2015

LOST TREASURES CHERRY VANILLA “Bad Girl” By Peter Marston Cherry Vanilla (born Kathleen Dorritie) is probably best known as one of the stars of Andy Warhol’s anti-play Pork and as David Bowie’s publicist in the early ’70s. But by the middle of that decade, she was fronting her own band and bringing her own mix […]

LOST TREASURES – Laughing Dogs

Posted on 28 April 2015

LOST TREASURES THE LAUGHING DOGS “The Laughing Dogs” By Peter Marston The Laughing Dogs were one of the many bands to come out of the New York City Club scene in the late 70s. The members of the band had come from a variety of Tri-City area bands, including, most notably, Foxtrot, the band that […]


Posted on 24 April 2015

LOST TREASURES Smoke Rise “The Survival of St. Joan” By Peter Marston   I can still remember taking a community bus to the beach and, on the drive home after a day of body surfing with my junior high friends, hearing The Assembled Multitude’s “Overture from Tommy” for the first time. I was amazed, thrilled […]


Posted on 24 April 2015

LOST TREASURES J.J. LIGHT “Heja!“ By Peter Marston One area of my record collection that is, shall I say, underdeveloped is Native American rock. I have a few Redbone albums and a couple by Blackfoot and not much more than that. But my favorite album by a Native American artist is J.J. Light’s Heya, originally […]

LOST TREASURES – Lt. Garcia’s Magic Music Box ’Cross the Border’

Posted on 17 April 2015

LOST TREASURES   Lt. Garcia’s Magic Music Box ’Cross the Border’ By Peter Marston I must admit that when I first came across a copy of Lt. Garcia’s Magic Music Box’s LP ’Cross the Border, I had no idea of the album’s pedigree. I just thought the band’s name was just such a cool knockoff […]

LOST TREASURES – The Glitterhouse

Posted on 06 April 2015

LOST TREASURES THE GLITTERHOUSE “Color Blind“   By Peter Marston   The Glitterhouse is best-known for the title song from the cult classic film Barbarella, but this is plainly an injustice. First, although featured as vocalists on that song and several others from the film’s soundtrack, the band does not play on the album and […]


Posted on 05 April 2015

A JANGLY MUSIC PRIMER – THE 1960S by Eric Sorenson I have always been drawn to the sound of a jangly, chiming, ringing 12-string guitar … or a combination of six-string guitars that creates the same rich sound.  The great Searchers’ song – “Needles and Pins” – really resonated with me back in 1964.  The […]