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LOST TREASURES – Philamore Lincoln

Posted on 09 November 2015

LOST TREASURES PHILAMORE LINCOLN “North Wind Blew South” By Peter Marston   Throughout my record collecting career, I have been susceptible to falling under the spell of a captivating name. Many times I’d be a used record store with friends and as we were sharing the titles we purchased (often from the 50-cent bin), I […]


Posted on 02 May 2014

MAY COMPILATION(and Flashback!) – FlashPops Vol. 2 Not Lame Reocrdings originally released this promotional sampler back in 2004 and it was all gone within six months.   Not Lame released over 120 CDs on the label from 1995-2010 and a few dozen compilations.  This is one of my favorites that we did. You’ll discover someone new […]

Not Lame Re-Posting Series – Bruce Brodeen Goes To Van Halen Reunion Concert

Posted on 05 November 2013

“The Not Lame Blog Re-Posting Series”   I just came across an old blog post from the long-gone Not Lame Blog from six years ago.  It has nothing to do with ‘power pop’ but it made me laugh out loud with my over-the-top writing style – very passionate, somewhat rant-ish(along the lines of Lester Bangs […]

THE POSIES – Surprise Box #116

Posted on 25 June 2013

THE SURPRISE BOX Back in 1999, my old label, Not Lame Recordings released one of the most important releases in short history of the label, at the point.  “At Least, At Last” was a 4 CD box set that compiled demos and live recordings from the Posies from 1987-1998. For fans, it was the ultimate […]

PGH PODCAST – “Lost Treasures – Show #1”

Posted on 26 April 2013

 PGH PODCAST “Lost Treasures – Show #1” your host, Bruce Brown LOST TREASURES – Show #1 (April 26, 2013) BRUCE BROWN:         Welcome back to another “Fix It In the Mix” podcast. I’m your host, Bruce Brown. As a visitor to Pop Geek

FIX IN THE MIX – Power Pop Prime Podcast – Volume 1 – Episode #1

Posted on 09 February 2013

FIX IN THE MIX Power Pop Prime Podcast – Volume 1 – Episode #1 “An Introduction to the Music in ‘Power Pop Prime-Volume 1’ Book” hosted by Bruce Brown DOWNLOAD – Fix It In The Mix – Podcast #1 – HERE (right click and save) To Order  “POWER POP PRIME – VOLUME 1” Book – […]

PGH SPECIAL PODCAST – The Power Prime Podcast Series

Posted on 02 February 2013

PGH SPECIAL PODCAST The Power Prime Podcast Series compiled by Bruce Brown You know, I’ve been told by many of Pop Pioneers here at PGH that I keep way, way too low of a profile with letting you all know about the pretty darn amazing “POWER POP PRIME” series on this site. Honestly, that is […]

JANGLE ON! – Archive – April 2008

Posted on 24 November 2012

JANGLE ON!  (archive series – April, 2008) By Eric Sorensen‏ (THIS ARTICLE ORIGINALLY APPEARED ON THE NOT LAME BLOG) Although there haven’t been many all-out jangly releases of late, a number of recently released discs have featured some excellent jangly, chiming tracks. Listed below are some of the standout albums and songs that have captured […]


Posted on 30 December 2011

Episode 6 features discussion, information and music samples from Suzy & Los Quattro,  All Night Chemists, Blue Cartoon, Blankety Blank and The Effection.   ENJOY! (IMPORTANT NOTE:  I have posted this episode for the next few days WITHOUT sound samples for you of the band talked about – did not have time before leaving for a […]


Posted on 07 December 2011

Episode 6 features discussion, information and music samples from The Tories, The Supernaturals and Love Candy.   ENJOY!     THE TORIES: The Tories on AMG – HERE The Tories on CDBaby – HERE Listen To n[download id=”78″] Listen To [download id=”79″] THE SUPERNATURALS: The Supernaturals on AMG – HERE Wikipedia entry – HERE The Supernaturals […]