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LOST TREASURES – Lewis & Clark Expedition

Posted on 05 November 2014

LOST TREASURES LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION “Lewis and Clark Expedition – (AKA Earth, Air, Fire and Water)” By Peter Marston     Most pop fans will be familiar with the Colgems label—it was the label created by RCA and Screen Gems expressly for the Monkees. But few pop fans will be able to name any of the other […]


Posted on 24 October 2014

JANGLE ON! OCTOBER by Eric Sorsensen An autumn visit to Vermont certainly brightened my life, and now several fabulous CDs – featuring chiming Rickenbacker 12-string riffs – have continued to brighten the fall season.  As if that isn’t enough, Jangle Meister Les Fradkin has just released a re-mastered version of “God Bless California” with a […]


Posted on 19 September 2014

LOST TREASURES THE MARBLES “The Marbles”   By Peter Marston The Marbles are best remembered, if at all, for their connection to the careers of two very different bands. The first is the Bee Gees. All of the Marbles’ singles and their sole, self-titled LP were produced by Barry Gibb, and seven of the fourteen […]

JANGLE ON – September

Posted on 19 September 2014

JANGLE ON! SEPTEMBER by Eric Sorsensen Wow!  After several months of little in the way of jangly music, a plethora of new material – featuring chiming Rickenbacker 12-string riffs – has been released.  In addition to the obvious Byrds references in many of the songs, there has been a Gene Clark theme – so summer […]


Posted on 19 September 2014

MOVIE REVIEW Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Simian Cinema Starring Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell; directed by Matt Reeves This week’s review is written by Caesar,  an ape critic who can amazingly utter  rudimentary English (as opposed to French,  or Portuguese, or Swahili) with some helpful translation: “Grunt akkk humans uhhh […]


Posted on 06 August 2014

LOST TREASURES FOCAL POINT “First Bite of the Apple” By Peter Marston   Focal Point’s star shone brightly, but briefly—very briefly, in fact. Liverpool songwriters Paul Tennant and Dave Rhodes were one of the very first artists signed to the Beatles’ first venture in corporate diversification, Apple Publishing. After a chance meeting with Paul McCartney, […]

BLOODY RED BARON – August Reviews

Posted on 06 August 2014

BLOODY RED BARON AUGUST REVIEWS by Mike Baron SUNRISE HIGHWAY: Windows (Kool Kat)             Marc Silvert returns but this time there is less emphasis on lilting west coast pop and more bass–a lot more bass edging into Superdrag territory, beginning with the languid and mysterious “Windows.”  The Beach Boys harmonies peek over the sludge-heavy bass on “Call Waiting” followed […]


Posted on 12 July 2014

BLOODY RED BARON JUNE REVIEWS by Mike Baron THE CRY!: Dangerous Game (SP Records)             Rude, loud, oozing insouciant punk attitude, The Cry! is every parent’s nightmare by way of the Buzzcocks, Ramones, Eddie Cochran, The Seeds or the Shadows of Knight.  Every song has a bridge and a hook.             The Portland quartet’s second album takes up where the […]

Mothboxer – Surprise Box #134

Posted on 09 June 2014

Mothboxer have been around since 2007 or thereabouts. Starting life as a solo project of guitarist and songwriter, Dave Ody. An album “Geen” was released on LineOut Records and soon a live band was comprised of Dave on vocals, keys and guitar, Phil Davies on drums, Jon Hawes on bass and Robbie Burley on backing […]

Metropolitan Farms – Surprise Box #133

Posted on 23 May 2014

  Metropolitan Farms is an indie rock band from Portland, OR. Formed in 2007 as a side project of Santa Cruz / Portland band Metropolitan, Met Farms blends British Invasion craft and hooks with 80s and 90s college rock inflection to produce a sound that is energetic and catchy, yet still unique and idiosyncratic. The […]