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Warm Morning Brothers – Surprise Box #130

Posted on 13 April 2014

2002, Italy, Piacenza, in the middle of nowhere, on a lazy summer day began a strange adventure called “Warm Morning“. We are two brothers, Simone and Andrea, playing music mainly based on acoustic sounds, inspired by folk and pop music of the sixties. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Too Far From The Stars (On a PC? RIGHT [...]

BEDFORD DAVIS – Surprise Box #129

Posted on 26 March 2014

  Bedford Davis is the product of two music school dropouts. The project began in 2002 as a duo comprised of Ethan Armstrong (bass and vocals) and Cheryl Lynne (keyboards and vocals). The pair met while attending New England Conservatory in Boston. Given their affinity for quirky, fun music, they had an idea of assembling a band to [...]

Greg Pope – Surprise Box #128

Posted on 21 March 2014

Greg Pope is an american born artist who has a great affection for rock and roll and cinema and enjoys ongoing attempts at creating both. His music has been featured on radio and television shows such as Dawson’s Creek, America’s Next Top Model, and Providence. His album, Popmonster, was #1 album of the year on [...]

ADAM DANIEL – Surprise Box #127

Posted on 18 March 2014

Adam Daniel’s latest album POP, BABY  is a power pop mashup of Elton John piano, glam rock guitars, Beach Boys vocal stacks, and new wave synth candy. Adam wrote, arranged, produced, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered the album himself on a Macbook Pro refurb. Taking DIY to extremes, he also does his own album art, website [...]

BLOW-UP – Surprise Box #126

Posted on 21 February 2014

SUPRISE BOX #126 I’m 51 yrs old and since I’m a child of the 70s(mostly), musically speaking – I always love a band that reminds of the raw, DIY ethos of the mid70s, the sound of indie bands influenced by the New York Dolls, Velvet Underground and Iggy.  That was my domain and BLOW UP [...]

THE FOREIGN FILMS – Surprise Box #125

Posted on 15 November 2013

EPIC. This is…truly, EPIC. Not unlike Bryan Scary, appearing in Surprise Box #124 earlier in the work, Bill Majoros is an artist who is continually reaching for levels of exploration and pulling, pushing forward what the genre of ‘power pop’ can achieve. The Foreign Films, Majoros’ band, have created a body of work over the [...]

BRYAN SCARY – Surprise Box #124

Posted on 09 November 2013

BRYAN SCARY It’s always big and important news when Bryan Scary announces a new project. And, yes, there is one ready for you to digest and start living inside with – and below you’ll be able to get a first-peek into new side  project called “Evil Arrows”, which is Bryan and a bunch of friends [...]

DOT DASH – Surprise Box #123

Posted on 08 November 2013

DOT DASH     Dot Dash is a pop band from Washington, D.C. and they are my kind of band, blending aspects of Wire and Mission of Burma with a strong under-pinning of power pop melody and hooks.  Check this song out and download below. DOWNLOAD – “A Light in the Distance” – HERE (right [...]

STEPHEN BUNOVSKY – Surprise Box #122

Posted on 06 October 2013

STEPHEN BUNVOSKY For those who hung around during the 90s and 00s, the name Stephen Bunovsky should be familiar to you.  He fronted Hanna Cranna(on Big Deal Records) in the 90s and then Naomi Star the last decade, who have three very, very good ‘n excellent albums out(see links below).   Bunovsky just got in [...]

ROLLO TIME – Surprise Box #121

Posted on 19 September 2013

ROLLO TIME   Rollo Time is a quartet of four musical veterans based near Chicago, Illinois.  The group rocks in the classic power–pop tradition; that is, immediately grab the attention of the listener with power chords, vocal harmonies and irresistible hooks, and move on to the next song.  Rollo Time is the brainchild of singer-songwriter [...]