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Posted on 27 May 2016

  ULYSSES: Law and Order (Black Glove) Like a bunch of ADD special ed kids on a sugar high, Ulysses can’t stop from switching it up in the middle to FASTER, HARDER, STRONGER! The title track is a sinister ear worm in a Kinks mode with a police siren. I wish they wouldn’t do that. […]


Posted on 07 May 2016

  WIL MALONE “Wil Malone” When I was in high school and beginning my record-collecting career as a Beatles obsessive, my older brother would often stop by my bedroom door and look bemused while I played my Beatles bootlegs, the sound quality of which was often quite poor (and the performances were often sloppy and […]

LOST TREASURES – Gordon Alexander

Posted on 22 April 2016

  GORDON ALEXANDER “Gordon’s Buster” When I was in elementary school, my sister received as a birthday present a copy of Tiny Tim’s debut album, God Bless Tiny Tim. She must have been thirteen or so and was entirely flummoxed. She could not fathom why anyone would think she would want such a curiosity. Being […]


Posted on 11 April 2016

  TIM FINN “Big Canoe”   One of the ways I can identify a most cherished album is when my friends complain that I play it too much. I remember being on a trip to Boston and seeing Tim Finn’s Big Canoe in a used record shop and, having loved his previous record, Escapade, I […]


Posted on 06 April 2016

JANGLE ON! APRIL by Eric Sorsensen Spring in the mid-Atlantic has taken on the characteristics of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde; temperature swings of thirty degrees in less than 24 hours have occurred several times in the past week.  As was the case during the winter months, my time-tested pop music sources (the Powerpopaholic website; Kool Kat […]


Posted on 10 March 2016

  THE QUICK  Mondo Deco One of the perks of being in the classic rock generation is that you can often impress younger people with the shows you’ve seen. Kids in their twenties typically respond with choruses of “wow” when I tell them that I saw Led Zeppelin live or that I saw Stevie Wonder […]

ONE MAN BADS by Mike Baron

Posted on 10 March 2016

“ONE MAN BANDS – The Story Behind…” by MIKE BARON There have always been guys who did it all themselves, sometime in a studio, sometimes in their garage.  However the computer age, and greatly improved and compact recording equipment, have made it much easier for the lone genius to record his own album playing every […]

Bloody Red Baron – March Reviews

Posted on 10 March 2016

===================================================   NATO COLES and the BLUE DIAMOND BAND: Promises to Deliver (Rum Bar) Hortatory, fist-pumping rock and roll in the vein of early Springsteen, D.L. Byron, and stable mate Kurt Baker. “See Some Lights” bursts from the speakers like a Triple Crown winner. “I’m ready to fire up the engines of the night–” Something […]

BEST POWER POP OF 2015 – by Mike Baron

Posted on 18 February 2016

  =================================================== Secret Friend: Sleeper Steven Fox’ trans-Pacific collaboration continues, involving Willie Wisely, Kelly Jones, and Linus of Hollywood. Fox writes and plays most instruments, but what sets this band apart is the unusually rich tapestry of textures and the inventive melodies. There are more hooks in a Secret Friend song than on most bands’ […]


Posted on 16 February 2016

TITANIC “Ballad of a Rock ‘n Roll Loser” [linebreak style=”25.png”]   I am half-Scandinavian. My maternal grandmother was Swedish and my maternal grandfather was Danish. To my knowledge, this has had zero effect on my tastes in pop music—I was raised on American AM radio. Still, though, I have had some curiosity about Scandinavian bands. […]