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  • The Shazam’s “Godspeed The Shazam” – The Ultimate Reissue!

    15 February 2012

    I was the owner of Not Lame Recordings from 1994-2010. The label released almost 100 CDs, no small accomplishment for one man. In retrospect, it was insanity. There are many moments of pride in that time but one of my truly proudest accomplishment was to be part of saving one of my favorite bands – […]

    The 1998 Power Pop Classic – Re-Mastered, Re-Issued and Re-Evaluated In A 2 CD Definitive Package!

    15 February 2012

    In 1998, one of the power pop’s genres most heralded releases came out on the Not Lame Recordings label. It was called “Life On Planet Eartsnop”.  It was an immediate classic. “Life”  was reissued, very briefly in 2002 and out of print since 2003. PGH is going to bring this classic back in print and […]

    A New Book That Will Probe The Drive Of Today’s Power Pop’s Most Talented Artists!

    10 February 2012

    Most book projects in the entertainment world tend to promote the most popular and successful artists – the ones who sell millions of records.  Few have ever wanted to cover the interests of the music in the power pop genre. Sadly, if you gather up all the books that have focused on the music of […]

    A One-Of-A-Kind Book Project Featuring, Highlighting The Sophisticated Good Taste And Music Collections Of YOU!

    02 February 2012

    I have this idea.  I think it’s a good one. A really good one. Here it is: What would it like to have a peak inside the music collections of hundreds of fellow power pop fanatics, real pop geeks.  You see, PGH thought it would be cool to interview you and me.  To find out […]

    Celebrate The Comics Greats Of The Past – In Tribute, In Song

    18 January 2012

    PGH is proud to announce the beginnings of a tribute project that has been in super-slow, super-powered down gestation for almost 10 years.  Working alongside high-powered comics retailer Joe Field, founder of the world-famous Flying Comics retail shop, we’ll explore the world of graphic novels, the inside scoop on sequential story-telling and marry it up […]

    The Follow-Up To Power Pop’s Most Successful Book Ever!

    20 October 2011

    “Shake Some Action – The Ultimate Power Pop Guide”, a 202 page tome that covered all things ‘power pop’, was published in 2007.  It’s now out of print and a rarity that is truly impossible to find a copy of because anyone who bought it, will not part with it.  True. 2011 sees the formal […]

    POWER POP 360 – the follow up to “Shake Some Action”

    20 October 2011

      FLASH!!  ATTENTION Power Pop fans who actually still READ books!  (I’m joking, I’m joking!) The follow-up to “Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Guide To Power Pop” is in the works – and YOU are going to be there along the way & help get it done! Back in November 2007, “SSA”(as we’ll call it […]

    JELLYFISH – The First Book On One Of Power Pop’s Most Influential Bands!

    20 September 2011

    JELLYFISH – The First Book On One Of Power Pop’s Most Influential Bands! How does that strike you?   Yes, you read that correct. A complete exploration into the story behind one of power pop’s most influential and respected band…JELLYFISH. Back in 1999, Not Lame Recordings started work on “Fan Club”, the 4 CD box […]

    The Unveiling Of The Eight Volume Series Covering Power Pop From 1995-2010!!

    20 September 2011

    The Power Pop Prime series documents a special era in the history of the ‘power pop’ genre. The eight volumes in Power Pop Prime aim to create an essential reference and resource for serious power pop fans by gathering up short reviews from some of the strongest releases inside the history of power pop’s largest […]