OCTOBER 2011 Compilation

Posted on 02 October 2011

Here’s this month’s compilation for you to download and enjoy.

Another free benefit of being part of Pop Geek Heaven.  Rawk!  🙂


You can download the music – HERE

(this is a zip file that contains the whole album, 12 songs)

You can download the full-color art work – HERE

Here are links to the artists who appear on the compilation.  If you like what you here, please do the following:

1. tell others and share the links appearing here

2. think about buying their album in whatever format works best for you

Direct sales to the artists and small indie labels are absolutely vital to keep the music coming.

ENJOY, as always.


OCTOBER BANDS/ARTISTS – OFFICIAL BAND LINKS:  (click on their name to be taken to their web site)




4. ALTO VERDE (Andy Bopp of Myracle Brah)

5. DAVID MYHR  (The Merrymakers)








36 Responses to “OCTOBER 2011 Compilation”

  1. Nick Hardie says:

    Can’t seem to unzip the file.? Any ideas..?

    • dudeman says:

      It’s being downloaded by a whole lot of people without problem, Nick – did you do the whole ‘right-click’, ‘save as’ and try to put onto to your desktop? Drop me a quick note at: [email protected] – When I get into my office on Monday, I can email you the zipped file via a file transfer service like YouSendIt(hotmail will reject a file the size of this comp….)

  2. Richard Horton says:

    When I unzipped mine there was no Alto Verde track.

    Lovin’ the rest of it.

    As for unzipping it Nick, make sure if you are not already using it to use 7-Zip. http://www.7-zip.org/download.html

    It makes a geek’s life so much easier.

    • dudeman says:

      I’ll check out that one – I use 7ZIP the last 18 months or so w/ no problems(that I’m aware of!)…..I’ll double check things w/ this file, Richard – Check back later today – the Alto Verde track is a MUST. It’s Andy Bopp’s new band – it’s a more straight-driving, rock version of Myracle Brah..more a band vibe, too.

  3. dudeman says:

    Okay…anyone who downloaded the comp in the first 12 hours of PGH launching – RE-DOWNLOAD again.

    I had a file-permissions issue w/ the Alto Verde song and it was not public….I just fixed it and it’s all fine ‘n good now.

    All SET! (apologies….one of those easy, small details to overlook inside the insanity of the thousands of details connected to this whole project…)

    Nick: I’m emailing you a link from WeTransfer(great file sending site, btw, folks…) w/ the whole file….

  4. Matthew Caterine says:

    Thanks, Rich for the tip on downloading the 7 zip file. Now I can unzip the file. Great comp, Bruce. PGH is great. Thanks for all of your hard work in putting it together. And thanks for the freebies.


    • dudeman says:

      Good idea in that – I”ll include proper directions in the future for all downloadable files for folks less familiar w/ the process….

  5. Nick Hardie says:

    Thanks for your help guys and thanks for the email Bruce! I’ll look forward to listening to it!

  6. Simon Bristoll says:

    My favourites – Cirrone (Very Big Star!) and Genuine Flakes (v cool riff!). Overall a great freebie compilation…

    • dudeman says:

      I’ll try and keep the comps fairly diverse and, hopefully, interesting! Cirrone’s full length, if you’ve not heard it all yet – is really, really special. Consistently wonderful, start to to finish.

  7. Paul Simpson says:

    I had trouble unzipping also. I downloaded the 7zip utility and that wouldn’t work either. Any other suggestions?

    • dudeman says:

      I’m afraid there’s something on your end, Paul – more than likely. There have been many hundreds of downloads the last 2 days – so it’s working there, for sure. I’ll send you a direct transfer of the file to your email, though….via WeTransfer, a resource I talk about in the “A Better Life” and then one goes to the “Resources” area. Here’s the link to check out what I’m talking about there: http://www.popgeekheaven.com/better-life/a-better-life-resource-list-1/

      But I’ll send you that file now….

  8. Ron Olcen says:

    Great little compilation.
    If you like all your files uniform (same bitrate (320,192,128 etc) and audio format (MP3,wma,acc etc), I can recommend a great program I paid a few bucks on the internet awhile back that does a great job of converting audio files. It is called Audio Converter Plus. Personally I convert all my files to 320 MP3 files including when I convert my cds etc………
    Loving Pop Geek Heaven……..Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  9. Howard Byrne says:

    Great compilation Bruce!

  10. Paul Simpson says:

    I can download the file, but after I downloaded the 7-zip file, the unzip utility wouldn’t install. Any other unzip utilites I could try? Any help would be appreciated!

    P.S. Even my kids couldn’t help me!

  11. Kent Orlando says:

    Wow! Where have Richard Snow and Readymade Breakup both been all of my life? 😉 AWESOME compilation, Bruce!

  12. Paul Simpson says:

    Finally got 7zip utility to work!!!!! Awesome tunes!

  13. Eddie Finley says:

    Good selection, thanks Bruce! It’s all over the place on bitrates and formats.. I realize it’s just the first compilation, but it would be awesome if we could tweak the consistency so that everything can be fully tagged (even if we do it on our end) and playable in the same devices (Wav vs Mp3). I know you’re busting it right now just to get everything off the ground, but it’s just a thought 🙂

    Again, thanks for the awesome tunes! You ROCK.

    • dudeman says:

      THAT will have to be donated by someone, Ed – I just do not have the time(this is all on the side) to do that with everything else. That’s the kind of thing I’m going to look to the community here to step into the gap, step up the plate and help with. It’s the only way it will work – if I do everything, I’ll drop over dead.

      So anyone reading this and who is into that kind cool geeky stuff, I need your help! Get in touch at: [email protected]. 😀

  14. Mark Boersma says:

    Fab that Readymade Breakup leads it off. My band, Consenting Adults, has brought them to Philly to play a couple of gigs with us. They are great guys AND great musicians. I’ve made a point of getting all of their CDs and suggest you do the SAME.

    BTW, Bruce – spelling alert! That OTHER great band is the Genuine FAKES, not FLAKES!

  15. Jeff Yeager says:

    Hey Bruce,
    Great stuff here. Nobody else menntioned it and maybe I’m the only geek looking for the cover art but I can’t download it for the life of me. The music worked just fine.


  16. Kevan Brewer says:

    Thanks – just re-downloaded. Somehow didn’t notice there was a song missing. Great mix.

  17. James Dunne says:

    Love, love, love this comp. Many thanks Bruce!

    One idea/observation/my-two-cents on the compilation…I’m a stickler for the cover art and tags on my MP3s. For those unfamiliar with what ‘tags’ refers to, it’s the descriptive information on MP3s being pulled into whatever library program you use e.g. iTunes, Media Player, etc. It’s the song names, artist names, album titles, track no, etc being picked up automatically.

    For my own ease of finding them, I grouped the individual files together as a compilation as opposed to them popping up as separate tracks. My memory for band names, song titles, etc is dreadful so I know it’ll be easier for me to track them down by searching by ‘Pop Geek Heaven’ compilations.

    Would anyone have any strong preference as to how we receive future bits & bobs? Perhaps we could offer two links i.e. one for those who prefer the PGH pioneer information, one for those who just prefer the original details? You get me?

    I’m conscious that Bruce’s time is very limited but if the interest/uptake was strong enough, I’d be happy to retag, add art, add Bruce’s notes or further listening recommendations, etc and send it back to Bruce. I hate to sound like a business man but it might also help keep the website more visible in peoples’ minds too.

    What do folks think?

    • dudeman says:

      Yup, it is TIME. Eventually, PGH has to be reasonably self-sustained – by sales to cover all the expenses at the PGH store and the various Works In Progress projects that occur here and, most importantly, people like yourself volunteering to help out, James.

      Getting things tagged, pulling the files and getting properly balanced w/ the differing levels, etc….I just don’t have the time to put it all together. Soooo, I will definitely be in touch later this month, James…..We ALL thank you in advance – you rawk!

      • Sirgeb27 says:

        Agreed- one format with similar bitrates and some helpful PGH tagging would be useful. I’m also willing to help with the tagging/encoding of the files if needed.

  18. Keith says:

    Great set of tunes Bruce – thank you.

  19. angelo ppc says:

    nicely done – everything (music + artwork) is great

  20. Rex Palm says:

    To open the file- Once 7-Zip installs, you can right click on the download and choose Extract To … in the 7-Zip menu. It will make a folder by the name of the download. There you will find the tracks. Thanks for these comps!

    THE GENIUNE FAKES may not like being called FLAKES, though.

  21. Shawn Pelata says:

    Got it, tweaked it, added it to iPod…will jam on the way to lunch today! Rock!

  22. Joe Dougherty says:

    The compilation is awesome, Bruce. I’ve already bought the full Cirrone album from Amazon, and the other tunes in the bunch are growing on me. Thanks for the great site and the great music.

  23. Joe Giddings says:

    7zip is not Mac compatible…far as I can tell.

  24. Sirgeb27 says:

    whoa- where’s that Private Jets song from? I don’t recall it from the Private Jets LP or their EP… very nice. Thanks Bruce!