PGH PODCAST #6 – 90s Swedish Power Pop

Posted on 21 December 2012


Podcast #6 – 90s Swedish Power Pop


The 6th and final podcast of 2012, this one is another themed show.  Show #6 is all about 90s Swedish power pop because…well, it was an awesome time for power pop and I own hundreds of CDs from this era so there’s a huge wealth of awesomeness to dig into and share with you all here.

Some of the bands/artists should sound familiar to many of you, many will not.  A nice balance.  Download the podcast below and…after you get a chance to listen to it, please share your thoughts and feedback below.   My question for you:  Do you prefer themed shows, like this one – or would you like me to do more freeform, freestyle shows?

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Tracks Played On This Podcast(in order):

GRASS SHOW“1962”  (from “Something Smells Good In Stinksville”

BRAINPOOL – “Ready! Steady! Go!” (from “Painkiller”)

Håkan Hellström“Ramlar”  (from “Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg”)

RAY WONDER – “Souvenir”  (from “Good Music”)

THIS PERFECT DAY” Young & Stupid”  (from “C-60”

POPSICLE“Blow Up”  (from “Template” EP)

PSYCHOTIC YOUTH“Japanese Boy”  (from “Small Wonders – 1985-1995)

TOMMY 16“Come On, Come On(Please Let Me See It)”  (from “Rocking Big Buddha”)

PINKO PINKO“Lately, My Mind’s Been Going Lots Of Place Without Me”  (from “Traffic”)

MELONY“Silicon Soul”  (from “Melony”)

PER GESSLE“T-T-T-Take It!”  (from “The World Of Per Gessle”)


4 Responses to “PGH PODCAST #6 – 90s Swedish Power Pop”

  1. David Cinabro says:

    Hi Bruce, loved this. I like the “themed” shows and would love more like this.

  2. Rex Palm says:

    Yes, way cool, Bruce.

  3. Gary Heslin says:

    I’m listening as I type, and I must say this is a fantastic collection of music! Thanks, Bruce! This one’s going in the car.

    • Gary Heslin says:

      Sorry. I forgot to answer your question. I have no preference either wasy as to themed or grab-bags. I love ’em both as they always contain interesting surprises.