ROLLO TIME – Surprise Box #121

Posted on 19 September 2013




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Rollo Time is a quartet of four musical veterans based near Chicago, Illinois.  The group rocks in the classic power–pop tradition; that is, immediately grab the attention of the listener with power chords, vocal harmonies and irresistible hooks, and move on to the next song.  Rollo Time is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Jon Raleigh, who was looking for a new challenge following the demise of local trio The Time Beings in 2005.

Raleigh enlisted the help of drummer Tony Gaetto (Time Beings), Matt Sharp (Electricon) and guitarist Sean Black (Zoot) to piece together the self-titled ROLLO TIME (2007).  The debut CD covers a wide swath of power pop, classic rock and edgy alternative territory while clear-cutting with a scythe of intelligent lyrics, a positive message and quirky rhythms that keep listeners on their toes.  “Maintenance Free”, “Travel The World”, “Float Down The River” and “Moth & Butterfly” are standout tracks.

Rollo - Jon

The surprisingly positive response to the songs on the first record got the band started on a follow-up project.  Recording began in April 2010 at Chicago’s Gravity Studios.  “Victims of the Crown” was produced by Rollo Time and Doug McBride (Cheap Trick, Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Verbow). Beginning with the first track, it’s clear that “Victims” is a new direction for Rollo Time.  Production on the 10 new power-pop gems is top-notch, innovative and a great listen.  Fans can look forward to plenty of ear candy on the new release, including some very diverse instrumentation like electric slide guitar, dobro, lap steel and even glockenspiel, not to mention McBride’s knack for tasty sampling and percussion techniques.  McBride’s handiwork is literally the icing on the cake that is the strong songwriting at Rollo Time’s core.  The “can’t get the song outta my head” quality of the material is really what ties the debut CD to “Victims”.  “You Can Talk”, “Sick and Tired”, “Where Is Mine”,“’Til It All Comes Down” and “I Can’t Believe This Day” are the standouts here.

Matt Sharp has since left the band, being replaced by Andy Goesel on bass.

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Rollo Time - New CD

Rollo Time CD

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DOWNLOAD – “Eyman Prison” – HERE

(this track is AWESOME – Old School from the New School!)

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“Mid-tempo and hooky with nods to the Fab Four”



“Smart Chicago power-pop blueprinted by bands like Material Issue and Green”

-Illinois Entertainer


“They show a great facility for melding classic rock and power pop.”

-Absolute Power Pop


“Fasten your seatbelts! This is a very cool 70’s-influenced rocker that’s a bit on the heavy side but melodic as heck!”

-Kool Kat Musik


“Hook laden riffs and harmonies…there is enough good music to make it worth repeat listens, so give it a try.”

-Powerpopaholic Blogspot


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  1. Jon Raleigh says:

    Rollo Time Rocks!