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Shake Some Action Power Pop – Limited Copies Available

Posted on 26 September 2011

HUGE NEWS!!   (read on or play the video to find out what’s going on…)


Some of you are part of the fortunate few to own a copy of the extremely rare book, “Shake Some Action:  The Ultimate Power Pop Guide” by John M. Borack and published by Not Lame in 2007.  It has been out of print since 2008 and virtually impossible to find a copy – anywhere.

Literally, not showing up on any web sites.  Not even as an available rare book.  Which means if it would show up on Amazon right now – if someone needed money for the mortgage, they’d fetch $150+.

So here is the BREAKING NEWS!

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning up and organizing boxes and boxes of LPs, CDs and tapes(yes, tapes – that’s another story for another time!) and I came across two boxes of CDs.

It shocked me.  I had totally forgotten I had these.

These CDs were the 24-song bonus disc that came along with the “Shake Some Action” book.  There are over 200 of these CDs.

So John and I got together and we’ve decided to find a book printer that will do a small run that will cover these CDs and make the book available to Pop Geek Heaven members who may have missed out the first time.

That’s you.

This is no sham, fake re-press money grab. (well, there’s no money in the music business anymore – that’s been proven quite well the last 5+ years)

I have printer all set and the CDs ready to go, obviously. However, it’s more expensive now to print these because of the small order and the unique size of the book – it’s a coffee-table sized 9″ x 9″.

Now, we could have just put these books up on various used books sites and Amazon for MUCH more money than what it will cost you right now.  That is a fact.  A solid one.

Pop Pioneers here at PGH deserve special treatment in all things and that is going to be a constant experience you find here.  You are the first to hear of this discovery!

Here’s the final part of the story.  We are taking pre-orders on these 224 copies(that was the final count) right now.

If you want to secure a copy of one of these, GO TO THIS LINK.

It is a pre-order, keep in mind – and I will ship will have the books around October 24th.  They will be shipped Priority Mail in the United States and First Class Airmail for all non-US destinations.

Hey, if you’re a prospecting type, you can pick up a few, hoard ’em for a few years and reap a nice, tidy profit in the future! ;-P  (Actually, I *know* some of you well enough with your Ebay and Amazon businesses that you will…)

So there you go.  Cool News – and the Pop Pioneers here are the first to know.

I have no idea how fast these will go – that’s up to you, I suppose.

But, to be clear, this is not an official re-press of the book – just a (very) small micro pressing because of finding a lost stash of the CD that originally was bundled with the book.


TO READ the original details on the book – Go HERE  (scroll down a just a bit)

Speaking of, I posted a few Not Lame label rarities on the PopGeekHeaven Store.  You can find them at the link HERE.

If you missed picking up “Power Pop Prime – A Pop Geek’s Guide To Awesome” (Volume 7), here’s a picture of how many are left!   So grab one now HERE.





3 Responses to “Shake Some Action Power Pop – Limited Copies Available”

  1. Stu Pope says:

    I ordered a copy of “Shake Some Action” when it originally came out and ended up reading it from cover to cover. It’s the best source of information and inspiration in the realm of power pop (and quite a bit of pop psych as well) I’ve had the pleasure of perusing, and the lists and recommendations found within will lead you on a wonderful Easter egg hunt for some of the best music in the genre. And it comes with a disc of hard-to-find gems, to boot. Highly recommended.

  2. Jason Mehrtens says:

    Warning: this book costs a fortune!! No, not the book itself. But the type of person who goes for this book is the type who inevitably will read the descriptions and start buying more music from the book. A LOT more musis. I know. Excellent information and hard to argue with the selections.

  3. ed higgins says:

    i, too, am the proud owner of SHAKE SOME ACTION. having dealt with bruce and his NOTLAME website, i already owned quite a few of the recommended power pop cd’s listed in the fact, most of the power pop cd’s i bought were because of bruce’s strong recommendations. in other words, SHAKE SOME ACTION merely confirms the knowledge of music MR BODEEN possessed since he initiated NOTLAME back in the mid 90’s.