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FREE – Not Lame Label Digi-Sampler Volume One

Posted on 30 September 2011

Enjoy this special gift from Pop Geek Heaven.

The Not Lame Recordings label operated from 1995-2010 and released almost 100 CDs in that time.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite tracks from the label.  Check back on this page later and I will have links to the band sites.

For now, download and enjoy.

1. THE SHAZAM – “Sweet Bitch”

2. TRUE LOVE – “Mr. Said”

3. FUZZBUBBLE – “Magpie”

4. THE ROOKS – “Happenstance”

5. BLUE ASH – I Remember A Time”

6. SUN SAWED IN 1/2 – “Denny’s Girl”

7. MYRACLE BRAH – “Talk To Me”

8. THE DEAL – “Maybe I’ll Just Keep You Hanging”

9. THE MODEL ROCKETS – “The Dress Up Girls”

10. THE DONS – “Fallen Angels”

37 Responses to “FREE – Not Lame Label Digi-Sampler Volume One”

  1. David Pugh says:

    Excellent selection! And I’m happy to see a Myracle Brah cut–I’m friends with Andy Bopp.

  2. Ron Olcen says:

    Thanks a bunch for the fine sampler. I only had a couple of them. Looking forward to the future with Pop Geek Heaven. Peace & Powerpop..

  3. Peter Baldrachi says:

    Thanks Bruce!!! Big fan of The Shazam, The Rooks and Myracle Brah!!!!

  4. Anders Nordgren says:

    Thanks! Looking forward to visit this page often

  5. tim rose says:

    Thanks for including the Sun Sawed in 1/2!!!!

    • dudeman says:

      TIM!!!!! yr always one of my favorites – let me konw what yr working on – can totally help w/ getting the word out w/ anything here…or anyone you recommend, as well……how are things in the pacific NW?! it’s sunny and warm here in CO! ;-P

  6. Keith Wivell says:

    Thanks Bruce!

    • dudeman says:

      Let us know what bands on this sampler are new to you any ears here – I did Not Lame so long that they are so familiar with me and it got the point that it seemed like so many old Not Lamers knew the bands – but the last years, it’s clear there’s a lot of ‘new blood’ on the scene and many of the bands on the label are unfamiliar with folks…..(which is COOL!)

  7. Victor Peracchia says:

    All great stuff Bruce! The site is great. Congratz!

    • dudeman says:

      Righteous, Vic! It’s a beginning point – we’ll get it growing, evolving and morphing into something really awesome as time marches on…..

  8. Roland Cyr says:

    Excellent!! A few tracks are having a bit of a slow time with the DL, but I imagine your server may strain a bit under the demand of all the PGH fans….thanks again, and it’s nice to see the Not Lame spirit arise…

    • dudeman says:

      Yeah, there’s some loading issues w/ the server, on and off today… will settle down here soon enough, if not already….

  9. Jamie Lowe says:

    Bruce, Glad to see you’re back in saddle again riding a great site..

    • dudeman says:

      queue to me air drumming to ‘back in the saddle’, Rocks-era Aerosmith – (still one of the best albums of all time, imho, btw…)

  10. Joe Riccardello says:

    Thanks Bruce, good luck with PGH.

  11. Jeff Yeager says:

    You are spot on. I have read the Shake Some Action book several times and keep going back to it. I love the first book in your set as well. This is very cool Keep up the great work.

  12. Stephen Curtis says:

    Hey Bruce!

    Thanks for the HQ tracks!
    Glad to see PGH finally happen!


  13. eric constantin says:

    Thanks from a power pop lover from France.


  14. Kent Orlando says:

    Hi, Bruce!

    The site looks nothing short of FABULOUS!!! And many, *many* thanks for the NotLame compilation — Myracle Brah and The Deal were both new to me, and I’ll *definitely* be picking up some of their stuff, now that you’ve turned me on to the both of them! 😉

    Power Pop RULES!!!


    • dudeman says:

      Kent, PGH will be doing a WORKS IN PROGRESS project for Myracle Brah’s first and TRUE classic of the genre, Life On Planet Eartsnop – grab initial details on thi sproject in the WIP area but go to and read a bit about this album, too.

  15. stephen parker says:

    awesome Bruce! Knew you would re emerge into power popdom eventually with a vengeance!
    This should be a great site! rock on PGH !!!!

  16. Stu Pope says:

    Great site, and even greater promise for what’s to come, Bruce. And great songs on the sampler!

    BTW, your user name cracked me up, too – a friend of mine back in Indiana has been talking about the legendary superhero “Dude Man” for years…it’s the name we call each other when we’re hanging out and blissing to our favorite tunes.



    • dudeman says:

      ‘dudeman’ was my nickname back in the late 70s – Bruce, The Teenage Years. I had not thought about it in years and I was assigning a user name to PGH when I designing everything w/ PGH and it was the first thing that popped into my head and – then it was….there! ;-P

  17. Martin Davies says:

    Thanks for the listens..I’m well impressed by the new site and all the great music!

  18. bonday says:

    Thanks Thanks Thanks for your incredibile music peace and pop

  19. Stephen Thomas says:

    Thanks! It should be good.

  20. Rex Norris says:

    thank you.

  21. Mitch Therieau says:

    WHOA. This is a fantastic collection. Each song is catchier than the last.

  22. John Crook says:

    Looks great, thanks. It’s always nice to see the Shazam up top.

  23. Joe Dougherty says:


    Thanks for all the great music and the great site. Just downloaded the Not Lame sampler tunes. I’m spreading the word about the site, especially on Google+


    • dudeman says:

      Hey Joe! Thanks for doing that – much appreciated. I just squeeze time for PGH here and, in fact, I’m here on a Saturday morning while my family does the sleep in thing – so your efforts appreciated! You remind me: Gotta get clued in, plugged in w/ Google + – you are finding the working well for you? Curious as to what works best for your needs on that platform….

  24. clinton claussen says:

    I’m excited about this sampler and excited about PGH (see attached photo). I plan on spreading the word to my fellow terminal pop obsessives.

  25. jeff heise says:

    This is great. Thanks for the tunes.

  26. Drew KNARR says:

    PLEASE send it!

  27. dudeman says:

    Drew, it’s all right here ready for you take – nothing to send! Just click on each track name, right click and ‘save as’. (I should have zipped it up into one folder when I set this up..I do that now but all the music is here on this page… so download away and enjoy!)

  28. Frank Prothmann says:

    Thanks so much Bruce for this nice compilation .
    Best regards