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Posted on 01 October 2011

Here’s where PGH brings back-stage, velvet rope and insider access to major projects going on in the power pop world and our own special programs, too. Works In Progress will bring you into the creative arc of a project – many times from the beginning to the end, other times we’ll join projects as they are under way but the important thing is that you will have up-to-date news on all the major happenings with the projects and be part of their creation by interacting with the musicians, the writers and main players in what is going on. Members will get sneak previews of songs from projects, excerpts from books and get inside look at the recording process with many of the projects. You’ll be able to attend Q&A teleseminars where you can ask direct, pointed questions, share your opinions on the songs before they are released, help choose art work and, generally be an ally, an unofficial ally and partner in helping bring important projects in power pop into the world. As each project comes to completion, we’ll invite all members to a special webinar that will allow the artists to unveil the final stages of their projects as they come to completion.

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