Posted on 02 May 2012




PGH will keep this list updated on a regular basis – so keep checking back for the new links being added.  Use this page as a launch page to explore deeper inside ‘all things pop’.  If there are any other favorite sites that you think should be here, let meknow.  This is an ever-evolving reference document for all of us, like Wikipedia – so share away below and I’ll update the best suggestions here.

(just click on the names below to be taken to the sites…)


Absolute Power Pop

Power PopAholic

Power Pop Overdose

Power Pop Criminals

Power Pop Square (great new in 2011!)


Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More(Ding! Ding!)

Pop Fair


Bubblegum The Punk

Power Population

PowerPop blog

The Mod Pop Archives

Burn ‘n Shine

The Pure Pop Pub

Too Poppy


Kool Kat Musik

Jam Recordings

Not Lame(no longer active – still live only as a reference for Pop Pioneers)

note: the ‘search’ function is not working right now


Paisley Pop

Pop Underground


Pure Pop Radio

The Power Pop Show

Fix It In The Mix

Power Pop Guitars CFSB

(in search box just type in: Power Pop Guitars CFSB)

Jangle Radio

Pop Bang Radio

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Obvious Pop

Power Pop at LastFM

Beat Crazy Podcast


The Rock And Roll Tribe (I co-founded this social network for middle aged rockers with some attitude)

Dr. Bristol’s Prescription

Ash On The Beat

Wilfully Obscure



Now This Rocks(formerly Bill’s Music Forum)

The Rock And Roll Report

Music Ruined My Life

Pop Dose

Melodic Rock

AOR Heaven

 Power Pop Action(in Spanish – use site translation on Google)

Under The Tangerine Tree(in Spanish – use site translation on Google)

The New Wave Outpost

The Power Of Pop

Garage Punk Hideout

Vinyl Goldmine

Ratboy ’69

Ultimate Classic Rock

Lost Bands Of The New Wave Era(no longer active but great info live still)



Not Lame’s Power Pop Blog(no longer active)

70s Rarities

Paisley Umbrella

Robots For Ronnie

Pop Narcotic

PVAc to 44.1 kHz(no longer active)

Silverado Rare Music


  1. Bruce Brown says:

    Thanks for the blog shout out!

    • dudeman says:

      Actually, at some point, I want to do a feature on Bruce’s fab site here – seriously, folks: you would NOT believe what Bruce Brown has done with the Fix It In The Mix blog – it will STUN many and I list it near the top of the above list for good, intentional reason.

  2. Luis de Ory says:

    Thanks for link Power Pop Action!

    • dudeman says:

      Luis – make sure you keep me posted with anything you are working on – so we can all benefit from your energy and commitment to the music….want to help you out in any way that I can…(if you want to do some writing here, by all means….let me know!)

  3. thomas bickel says:

    I can’t believe you left off my live365 power pop internet radio site: Power Pop Guitars CFSB. I have been number one in the Power Pop genre for over a year…

    • dudeman says:

      An simple oversight there, Thom – my apologies. This is not a full time gig, so imagine all that went into this and technical stuff and details – there were a lot of moving parts Also, never knew about it. I’ve not heard from you in a long time and I”ve been out of the loop w/ following some of the new happenings w/ Podcast shows b/c I’ve been working on this and other projects. …..I’ll get that added up there in just bit and find the link…again, sorry about that but just didn’t know….

  4. J Richter says:

    Thanks for the nod to my site, Robots For Ronnie. I’ve been rather slow at it lately but will be getting back in the swing of things soon. All respect to you Bruce, for all you do in the name of power pop!

    • dudeman says:

      That’s great to hear – RFR has always been an outstanding resource for digging up amazing releases long lost……..

  5. thomas bickel says:

    thanks for the add!

  6. dudeman says:

    As a general note again to everybody: ANY Key and Awesome links you are using, please drop me a line with your favorites so they can be formally shared with everyone at PGH – email me at: [email protected]

  7. Raul Fernandez says:

    Thanks for putting Burn and Shine on the blogroll– much appreciated. I’m really digging the site so far. Keep up the good work!

  8. Curt Vance says:

    Thanks for adding PPO. It is an honor!

  9. dwight arms says:

    It’s not power-pop specific, but I’d like to have more pop-geeks join me at to help boost the “better” music. Currently VS thinks Depeche Mode and the Cure are better than Big Star and The Raspberries. It’s a fun free site for voting on your favorite songs, albums and artists.

    • dudeman says:

      I’ll add the site to the list later today when I get into my office, as checking it all out! Thanks! 😀

  10. Steve Adam says:

    For PoP-Rock in LA it’s

  11. Rhett says:

    Bootlegzone forums – good site with Beatles topics dominating there.

  12. mufoandthings videoblog says:

    Please visit and let me know what you think.

    • dudeman says:

      Excellent material here – right on! I’ll get the link to this added – and, in the meantime, check it out here….

      • mufoandthings videoblog says:

        Thanks very much for the add, keep on with your great job. if you need any help from Spain just ask.

  13. Ron Olcen says:

    Now that we are heading into the Xmas season maybe you should check out some blogspots for some cool Xmas music. I highly recommend:Christmas a Go Go! if you want some eclectic xmas tunes to add to your xmas music mixes……….

  14. J Richter says:

    I’d love a linkback for my new power pop forum, Forty Watt Solution. I’ve linked PGH there. There’s a terrible shortage of message boards specifically dedicated to the genre. I’m hoping this will grow into something special. Keep flying the power pop flag, Bruce! 🙂

  15. franco ameriso says:

    it’s really incredible!

  16. Marlene Lipson says:

    Pretty wonderful list! Under the Retail heading I think you should add Futureman Records Great music there, some paid, some free.

  17. dudeman says:

    I’m going to be REALLY pushing this with PGH in the coming months, folks. We all need to have your input with the places that you are visiting and finding an awesome experience with spending time with – so we call can support, visit and enjoy those other sites…POST YOUR FAVES below, please. 🙂

  18. The CRY says:

    Great resource Dude! Thanks.. John