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Posted on 04 October 2011


The Kik are from the Netherlands and are featured on the latest IPO disc, Volume 14.   This song, “My Eyes Are Still Dry” is one of the strongest ones on the collection.  It’s the A-side of a 7″ only vinyl single on truly vital Dutch label, Excelsior.

Download the “My Eyes Are Still Dry” – [download id=”11″]

You can find out more about The Kik – HERE

You can check out a huge array of excellent music from Excelsior Recordings – HERE

24 Responses to “THE KIK – SURPRISE BOX 2”

  1. Peter Sheldon says:

    The Dutch do have a high proportion of corking pop bands. Lovely stuff.

  2. Kent Orlando says:

    VERY impressive! 😉

  3. David Cinabro says:

    That was really good.

  4. Kevan Brewer says:

    Great song!

  5. Bruce Brown says:

    My butt was firmly kicked. I must have more!

    • dudeman says:

      Every 3 days or so, The Surprise Box changes – so there’s always more coming soon enough, Bruce! ;-P

  6. Martin Davies says:

    Perfect pop! Great stuff and such a fantastic website this is..I’m totally hooked!

  7. William Coffey Jr. says:

    Hey Bruce. Yep – This Site Truly Is Pop Heaven.

    Totally Choice 😉

    Peace Be With You


  8. Everton Lourenco says:

    Man, what a song! Can’t take my head out of it!

  9. Everton Lourenco says:

    Do they have more stuff as powerful as this?

    • dudeman says:

      So far, only the single – not heard the B-side. I think the band is connected to the Dutch power pop band, THE MADD, who have some excellent releases. Expensive imports, though, as they do not have any distribution that allows them to be found at a price less than $20 that I have encountered or have heard of….hope that changes, because Excelsior is a really great indie…..

  10. Roger Stoffel says:

    Some great Hollies-type vocals mixed w/ some Vandalias. Can’t wait for a cd release (mp3’s no thanks…hate the format).

  11. Ron Olcen says:

    Another great band from Holland. The tradition continues on from the 60’s and all the great “Nederpop” that occurred during the British Invasion times.

  12. Mark Bierman says:

    This almost has a “Hellacopters” feel to it. Is the rest of their stuff similar?

    I am, of course, assuming you’ve heard…

    • dudeman says:

      Gawd….The Hellacopters!! What a band!! They are….sooooo “Bruce”, in so many ways….(always a rocker, man…)

  13. Joe Riccardello says:

    Cool stuff, I like this one.

  14. Matt says:

    Hey everyone-
    This is one of the many fine tracks on the latest IPO comp, volume 14.
    So if you don’t already own it, I suggest you get on over to the Pop Geek Heaven store to secure yourself a copy of said 3 disc set. You won’t regret it.

    Rock on.

  15. Stephen Furness says:

    Wow… quite acidic. I LOVED IT! Thanks for posting this.

  16. David Bash says:

    The Kik are led by Dave von Raven of The Madd and Arjan Spies of the equally great Mark & The Spies. I fell in love with “My Eyes Are Still Dry” the moment I heard it, which is why I wanted it for IPO Vol. 14. I was also thrilled when The Kik accepted my invitation to play IPO Liverpool, at The Cavern Club, and they definitely lived up to my expectations and did two wonderful performances. The song herein, as well as their bloodlines, suggest that the debut album from The Kik will be kik ass (hey, that could be the title-guys, if you’re reading this, you may definitely use it)!

  17. Joe Wanty says:

    Nice layering on the BGVs (back ground vocals). Infectious. Great energy. Love that guitar sound. I did jangly guits.

    Those Dutch really do the “poppy” thing right!

    Need to hear it again….and again.


  18. John Buckwalter says:

    this was my fav song from the IPO comp. cant wait to hear full LP